To Blogging and Beyond

In moving my thoughts forward from HERE! HERE! PICK ME!, I had an epiphany today, in a strange place that doesn’t pertain to this situation, on ideas that might happen for the future of blogging. Something is going to change on the ideas or laws pertaining using social media to weed out or to find out about an applicant for a job, whether that be a hirer using facebook, twitter, tumblr, or even blog posts in general. Yes, the poster of their thoughts is sharing their brain functions and feelings to the world, but something, somewhere to somebody is going to get their pants in a bunch and demand a court case, like the one that happened at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. A student expressed his feelings, got his foot in his mouth, was then kicked out of school on terms that he was expelled. No reason was given, he is now suing. Colleges and universities will probably be putting rules in their conduct that will pertain to this.

I also think that blogging will develop and morph with the times. Blogging originally developed partially out of journals or diaries that people decided to put online for the world to see. They also started out of an online conversation that just blew up into blogging. People of the same interests, talking about things that interest them, similar to the concept of a book club.

So to lay it out:

Common Blogs= WordPress, Twitter, ReadIt, LiveJournal, Blogger, SquareSpace, Posterous

Diary/Journal + Technology= LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.


Coffee Shops, Book Clubs, Topics on an idea + Technology + Other people who care what you are talking about = WordPress, ReadIt, Imgur, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter

So what does this tell you?

WordPress, Twitter, ReadIt, LiveJournal, Blogger, SquareSpace, Posterous = Coffee Shops, Book Clubs, Topics on an idea +  Other people who care what you are talking about + Diary/Journal + 2(Technology) And what is our most common variable? Technology, and since technology isn’t going anywhere, blogging is only going to rise in ease of access to adapt with the 98% usage of technology in our daily life. Kind of like the shift that education has made with technology and their daily useAlso journalism and journalist will probably be the biggest bloggers soon, and soon papers will probably cease to exist due to, again, technology. Technology is taking over the world, run for your life, where  you are going to hide from technology is beyond my thinking ability, big brother is everywhere!

I also found that due to the typical short attention span of today’s generation, blogging has been shown to decline over the years in ‘them youngsters’. So, blogging will probably make a rebirth, and revamp (sorry, bad link joke…) itself for the daily goldfish.

So, using my strength, connectedness and conglomerating my thoughts on this topic, everything happens for a reason and everything is connected , I am just here for the view, but it is sometimes nice to look into my crystal ball and see fog; we can analyze every word to possibly learn something, but what if we look too deep? Sometimes a tree is just a tree. But in this case, we may never know, but we can guess, and that person that guesses right is freaking Professor Trelawney.

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8 thoughts on “To Blogging and Beyond

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