Project Review

Blogs, writing about them is easy, creating, maintaining, and aggregating them is even harder. After a long, fruitful road, blogs have become a fren-emeny. Now that bend is turning straight, the end is seen. We have only one thing left to do the project recap.

My focus for my blog was tips, strategies, and acquired knowledge that I gain through experience in my freshman year of school through stories and experience. I would create a handbook for high school seniors that are planning to go to college with the goal that they will learn from my experience, or gain an idea of how to work through certain situations. I wanted to give experiences focusing on semester one for the first part, then on semester 2 for the second part of the 5 weeks.

What actually happened was very similar to my proposal. I had tips and stories that reinforced my tips. As I started I generated better ideas the further I went. Once I got to the end of semester one, I started make more generalized tips, focusing more on things I learned throughout my year, rather than in order. But otherwise I followed what I wanted to write about in the beginning.

When I started I was lack for ideas. The more I went, the more ideas I got, the better my posts became. I eventually came up with a usual outline to my posts; I like organization and routine, it keeps me remembering certain topics. This definitely helped me write and generate helpful advice. Once I got over the hump of the 5 weeks this is were things started to change. Here is where I started spewing out different tips that I came up with. I felt the need to give more insight rather than follow the semester guidelines  even if I did bring it back into it.

A couple of times throughout my postings, I had forgotten notes. Starting over, I would have made a sound week by week, this is what I am going to post, changing my ideas later if I felt the need. I would have rather done this instead of going in blind on some posts. What I did find was that actual posting helped me get the feel that I wanted for this blog. I did not know how I wanted each post to be like, but what I wanted was simple rules or tips that one could easily read. I did not want long posts because personally I hate long posts, I do not like reading them because they seem like they take too much time.

Specific things I would like to change next time around:

  • Have a way to have certain ideas together and categorize them according to topic. That way the reader would be able to pick what they want to read and not have to scroll through the whole postings to find what they want.
  • More input from others. By having this, I could get more perspective on certain subjects that would help me make more solid arguments and tips.
  • I found it interesting how I changed as I went. I would change how I started the blog. I like how strong it was in the middle. I want that for the rest of the blog. I liked the bullets and the numbering. This was simple to use, and easy to read. It helped the reader easily read what is happening and go on their merry way, hopefully changed by my fantastic words of wisdom.

I touched a lot on some of the things I noticed and what I would like to change in my weekly reflections, especially in the last reflection.

Weekly Reflection 1
Weekly Reflection 2
Weekly Reflection 3
Weekly Reflection 4 & 5

Favorite posts:

  • Being that I saw this first hand to some extent, I still get a kick out of it. Relationships on the floor
  • I cannot tel you why I like this post, but it got a lot of buzz with the star box! Money tips
  • One of the first posts, I think this is where my ideas started to really generate. Be active!

Let’s Try These again:

  • This topic I kind of already covered, so I could have added it to that post. Clubs and be active. ** I like the first active post and dislike the second one… interesting.
  • This one felt pushed because I needed to meet a deadline. Who really cares anyway…

What I wish I could have seen more of is who is reading my blog. Seeing who was interested in this topic would have either changed or solidified my belief that the garnered audience that I wished would be better on a blog. That way I would know for future endeavors with this topic where the best spot to publish it would be.

A last thing is something that  I would have liked to known before I started is the amount of work that goes into these. First is the planning, then the decision making with what to post and how to post, then it is the actual making the post. Blogs are deceiving little things that say “look at me, I’m easy… SUCKER!” I was deceived by the allure of blogs, I will be putting this in a letter to my past self.

En3177 has been an experience for me. I learned a ton about blogs , what they are all about, and even the power of micro blogs. Blogs are powerful things. It’s amazing that I had not noticed their power before. Although this road was difficult, I am happy with what I learned. SO for now, Later… and PEACE & BLESSINGS!




Here’s my last weekly review, if you had not noticed. These past two weeks have been very hard. Finals are coming, I am getting worn out and I am ready for a break, but I put my best into these posts.


Welcome to your first yea… You have 2 hours to complete your final

A post on the first finals


What to do over winter break.

Do I Have To?

Get involved now that you have an idea of the school you are at.

Moving Out!

It’s getting to the end of the year, do you know where you are living?

Second semester blues

Motivation: what is this word, I feel I used to know it during the first semester.

Lesson 2: Chef Freshman

A lesson in cooking and mixing it up every once in a while.

Mama, I’m Coming home

The end of the year is here. Are you ready?


Last week we had studio tours of other people’s projects which was interesting to say the least. This week I will reflect on the past two weeks.

Last week was hell week one and I was only able to get in three posts which was disappointing, but life goes. The first post on the first finals was a good post to create. I think it helps others get into the finals mood and have a heads up on what it is like. My only wish is I would have written down what I learned and thought of finals my first go around.
The next post was on winter break. To be honest I really did this to get some outside of my brain information. I wanted to see what most people did by asking them. A lot of the people were the same, some had interesting activities which I commented on.
The last post of last week was on returning to school. I wish I would have listened to my words last year, but I was very timid and did not really want to stick my neck out. If I would have read this, I think some of my activities would have been different last year, I would have been okay with what I was doing, not wanting to do nothing so much, I hope this post made that affect for others.

This week I managed to get in four posts among the chaos. The first post is on housing and living options for the next  year. If there is one thing I know, is that some freshman do not plan a head and they go by the seat of their pants. They need to realize that that action doesn’t go well for long. They need to start planning a head. The first stop is housing. This shows the pros and cons of living on or off campus. It’s all up to the student.
Motivation is something really lacking second semester because I am usually worn out as is everyone around me. This helps with the motivation and getting it back. I often forget some of these, it’s good to remember them.
The big freshman 15 is the scary thing for some freshman, for me it was getting bored with the food I was eating. This posts gives some ideas on how to spice up your food life and make things interesting.
The last post is on the end of the year with finals, the weather getting nice, and moving home.  Basically this post  I wanted others to be prepared where I was not. Also I want them to enjoy the end of the year if they did not so much in the beginning of the year.

Overall, the past two weeks have been hard. If I would have had more attention span I think the posts would have been better, including some of the ideas. If I would keep going, I would go into the second year maybe. Or add some more interesting topics for the first year. I am sure there are a lot of topics worth considering.
From my blog being studio toured I got a comment that I really liked. If I were to really want this to be legit, one day I might, I would add categories  because this blog is linear like most of the others. I would make it more of a reference blog “click here for this help” kind of thing.

In the end I really enjoyed this blog as I got going. Helping students is something I am interested in doing someday, maybe I will show this to them… 😉

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Studio Tours

This week I am excited to go out and see everyone’s work being I have not had time to do so otherwise. Today I have Leah’s Blog on Graduate School findings, Sarah’s fiction blog on the supernatural, and Jake’s on Sports Blogging.

First off is Leah’s

Leah had some really great information on English Graduate colleges which was really interesting for me because I hope to end up there one day. I really enjoyed her list of colleges. They were interesting and gave me an idea of where to start out. She had some great ideas on the qualifications she was looking for in the schools. I really found this blog helpful and I learned quite a bit reading it. The one thing I did find that I noticed was she would post that she was going to post on something but then she would not address it in the next blog post. This could be that she just hasn’t gotten there yet, or she got a new idea. Some of them I looked forward too, so I guess I was the let-downed-follower. Overall I think she has great progress and has found her format for her blog. I even noticed we had some of the same followers.

Next is Sarah’s

Sarah’s fictional blog was interesting. I really enjoyed her research on fictional blogging; I even found some tips for myself for my own blog about using pictures. I will remember to do this now. Her fiction blogs had really great details that I could feel some of the emotions at times which is great because I want to feel something when I read. Her posts are longer. From my standpoint, I do not like to read long posts unless I am really interested in something. I really liked what she said about splitting the posts. I think it would do great for suspense making the readers want to come back even more. Which she eventually did do some of later. Periodically she posted about how she wants feedback, and she even address the comments which I thought was great. It helped the reader feel like they were part of the writing process.  In her stories she also has some strong characters that are easy to relate to making it easy to suck in passerbys. Overall I think she has a great blog and  I found the research interesting as well.

Lastly Jake’s

At first I could not find his blog. I had to go looking for it. Once I got there I saw how developed his blog looks. It is very similar to a regular website, which I think readers will like, but at the same time I found it very busy, but not in a bad way. His posts had a very great theme to them, starting out by naming the matches then picking his winners. Next posts were the same, pretty close, but then he had his predictions results. I really think that hockey watchers would like this blog because it had hockey views and something from a different point of view. Alas, I am not a hockey fan, although I do enjoy watching, most of the things he posted on would not be for a beginner. This blog is defiantly geared towards seasoned sports watchers because I could not understand much. Overall, I liked he personalization with his educated guess and talks on the teams and basically all things hockey in the now.


Great blogs everyone!!


Weekly Reflection 3

Back for another weekly reflection!

Last week I completely jinxed my whole week. I said that this week was going to be better than the last week, little did I know that that was a lie. This week was insanely busier than I thought (and I even forgot to blog on Tuesday which threw off the rest of my week). I knew blogging was hard work, but the hardest part is the daily/weekly blogging and remembering. I have a funny brain sometimes I just do not remember. In other ways, I really think my blog is going great. I am getting an even better feel for the blog and they topic than I thought I would in the beginning, which is awesome!

Tengo muchas problemas con mi dinero

My week started out with a post on money, how you really do not realize how much you may actually spend and how to save so you can have fun sometimes.

Note: Forgotten Reminder

A post on relationships as you move from comfortable high school where everyone knows you to college where no one knows you.

Stressed? We are too.

Here we have a post on managing stress in a stressful place.


Last post of the week is on some misconceptions that are thought of when you hear the word college.


This week had some pretty good posts in my opinion. The first post of the week is a great post for incoming freshmen to read. It has tips for being successful with your money. This post was by far the busiest post of the week when it came to likes through the blogging site.  This post I started getting less filtered in the ways of being honest, which can be good or bad. I would like to hear honesty (I think ) so I decided to be honest, hopefully it turns out good in the end.

Post 2 is one that I should have added earlier around the time of move in week. Although I did post a little on something similar, this topic really deserves a post of its own. Some people, me included, do not realize the relationships change right  away and you have to go out and retell your story. I even got some linking in with it.

Post 3 is another needed post on stress. When I came to school I did not really know how to manage my stress quite yet, so I decided to share my process of stress management to help out the strugglers.

Post 4’s idea hit me one day and I thought it was a pretty good idea. I knew my views were changed when I came to college so I decided to pop the balloon for some people and tell them the truth. Apparently it was a week of honesty.

This week got thrown off a little bit, probably due to school being done in 3 weeks, yet there is still snow outside… This next week I will not say it is going to be better because I do not like cursing on the web, however I will say that this next week will be what it will be. My hope, like last week, is to add some more outside linking. I did have some this week but I want more. More I say! I also want to add, either this week or next week some first hand interviews of freshmen saying something along the lines of what would you have liked to know before you went to college or something. That’s the plan now so I am going to go work. Later.

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Blogging Project Week 2

Hello again!

Soo happy this week is over and the next is starting. Here I am again review my work on my other blog BeSmartCollege. This week had its ups and downs, particularly in my other work, which made posting very difficult. I still managed to get my allotted amount but not on the days I said I would be posting. To me, this is fine, if I post the amount I said I would be I think I am still making progress. I see the days that I post as a bar to set each week to keep me on task and focused, so if I sway a little, I will work better the next week to get them on the right days. Overall I did have some troubles with ideas, but I am going to blame this on my brain and my divided attention. This week looks up and better as far as posting. I also think this week is going to be better because I am getting used to the blog and generating more ideas since I am working with this more. After all, Minnesotans are pretty optimistic and I have been living here for a pretty long time.


Surviving Class: Surviving and striving in the college classroom

Underage Drinking: Being smart in college when it comes to drinking and a story from a friend.

The Honeymoon: Living with a roommate is difficult, but let’s make sure that we are at least peaceful by knowing some tips.

Midterm Crazies:  The first test in college is hard enough, so let’s prepare you for the midterm, because it can get CRAZY.

Surviving class was where my slump started, not sure why, but I am sure it shows. I like the idea, but I wish I would have had more content or even written it better. If one of these would happen, I think I would like this post better.

Underage drinking was where my slump continued, but I think it was where it stopped. Here I started adding posting from the outside, but I feel it was forced. It felt weird and did not quite make sense in the context of the flow of the post. But the outside linking is a start which I think helped me in my next post.

Midterm crazies was posted after my crazy week  and it shows. If I had to give a prize, it would go to this post. I linked outside and I felt like the linking helped my post. I enjoyed writing this too. I liked the content and I liked how it flowed. You go post!

This week I plan to keep going with the format; it is simple and it is easy to read with the tips and the commentary at the beginning and the end with some outside linking incorporated throughout. I am also going to try add some more media, maybe some comments on a video that seems appropriate or add some pictures to get the right feel that I want the reader to achieve. I have high optimism for this week, but optisim that is not unrealistic. This last week gave me a kick in the rear that I needed, but the problem wasn’t completely my fault. I blame it on the Easter weekend and getting back into the groove. So here is to Monday being kick-ass, my blog this week to be super awesome, and to the rest of the week to be even better.

Also this week I obtained some followers and likes. I even found some people to follow.


Blogging Project Week 1: Review

Hello Everyone!

I am back from a long hiatus, sort of. I have actually been blogging in another spot as part of my class’ assignment. Here I started  a blog on experiences and tips to survive college. In this blog I have gave some tips for surviving college based on observances that my friends and I have had. They also have even been nice enough to give me some stories of their experiences, but they will remain anonymous. I have had some fun writing some of these posts, though I have only done four so far.

To start, figuring out this blog was really difficult. I am the type of person who takes weeks to decide on what I want to write about. A part of this blog came to me in class; I really did not know what direction to go quite yet until there was a comment in class that some of the blogs that do the best are ones that garner towards helping people. Like a slap in the face, the college idea  hit me, although it was not until much later that I got the idea for surviving college.

Then came writing the proposal. With this blog, I really liked having the proposal as a basis of what is expected of me and what I can go further on. Basically my instructions for this blog. Writing this was a pain in the ass, but once it was done, there was a good feeling. Waiting for the proposal to be accepted was the hard part. Me waiting for something I really am excited about is never good. I get really stressed, but it ended up working out in the end because you are reading my first weekly review!

When I created my blog I found the chalkboard theme and I instantly added it. It was so perfect. I just wish the writing wasnt so hard to read sometimes.


Starting College Right

This post is about what to do in the time after graduation and before moving in, but not the obvious tips.

Be Smart, Go to Activities- There’s A Lot of Room Available

A post on orientation week/weekend and some good tips to keep in mind.

Lesson 1: Relationship issues on the floor

First lesson on why not to have sexual relationships on the floor you live on.

The First Week of Your Doom

Some helpful tips on the first week of school.


These posts were difficult at first. Starting college right was interesting to write, switching over from a reflection blog to a reaction blog. I am better at reflecting than reacting. But this post had a lot of really helpful information that would be good to be noted.

Be Smart had some good tips to keep in mind. Initially going into this blog I had more ideas than I could remember once I started writing. Eventually I would like to get some actual freshmen comments and ideas on what they think would be good to do during different happenings<— future ideas!?

Lesson 1 I had a lot of fun writing because it partially happened to me and I just twisted and turned some of the events to keep it anonymous. This post I got the most of the views, mostly because I had the word sex involved, like flies to honey people. Guess we all know what is on everyone’s mind. This crowed was totally unintentional but I am glad people are reading what I have to say. Thanks for the love everyone!

The first week had more personal content involved. Embarrassing stories are the best to talk about because they are so embarrassing. I will happily post more because I can laugh at them now more than I could then. Again, I wish I would have written down more thoughts than I put into it. My preparedness is terrible in hindsight.  More thoughts for the future.

All in all, I could completely tell that I am just getting started with this blog. But I can feel some really great posts coming. Eventually I want to add more stories because I think they went the best, rather than just tips all of the time. And I really enjoy writing these posts.

This week I tackle the end of part 1 of the semester and the start of the second part of the first semester. These posts I definitely have some good stories that there could be some great tips from and to learn from the future. As for tonight, I am signing off because it is the day before Monday and Mondays are not always the greatest.



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Weekly Reflection: Wiki Edition

The week, we migrated to the wide world of wikis, so to work with wikis a little more, I decided to work in my profile there.

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Future Blogging and The Thoughts of Mankind!

For the review of other blogs this week, we were to compile blogs, or round up some posts that we deemed most interesting. And here we go!

Matt Buresh’s post touched on Rich Media blogging; it is most difficult to work with, but it is the future.
Rich Media Blogging in the Future

Matt Laverenz’s post  scientifically hypothesized a timeline of  the future of the role in blogs on our lives as well other electronic writings that may impact blogging.
“Future of Blogs”

Sarah D’s post also hypothesized the potential diminishing, opportunities, transformations and  expanding of blogs for the future; also with a kick ass graph.
“Future for Weblogs”

And lastly, as I mentioned before Devan B’s creative post on a timeline of blogs and her ideas for the possible future in an original sort of way.
“What’s next for blogging: I try to predict the future”

These blogs not only have some pretty awesome ides, but some of them brought it all together in a rather cool sort of way. #winning


My Cocker Spaniel, TiVo, and Week 6

This song has been on loop for the past week. I cannot get enough of them.

This week was the start ‘it’s all downhill from here.’ There is an end in sight of blogging on topics that aren’t necessarily uninteresting, but they are getting old, I’m like the goldfish, I need something to keep me interested.  I did however, find this week’s readings rather interesting. I started on posting on some notes on Ch. 19. I found some interesting ideas for this post, I really thought the poster on advertising was really cool, I am a sucker for easy to read statistics visuals. Wow, I am making myself sound very typical digital A.D.D generation, who put a taboo on thinking? As a person that isn’t vain, but is about to sound it, I really enjoyed my humor and snarkyness in this post, well at least to me it sounded funny  and snarky at times, I’m sorry my humor is not your cup of tea.

Post 2 from the readings was on fiction blogging. I also really liked this concept. As an avid reader, I really enjoy something that has to do with a good fiction novel. This one, my first thought on this was to write my notes fictionally, that would have been a really cool idea to develop. I found myself doing a dialogue with this post, so that is why I chose to not do one for my final digital artifact.  I really enjoyed doing a dialogue, I found it interesting from both sides. I really liked the idea of writing down anything I thought of when I read it and rereading this post I could see where my thoughts went. This post even shows what was really important to me, which would help for presenting or group discussion because each person could find some topics more important than others.

For my digital artifact of the week, I decided to do it in two parts, that’s one and two <—- mostly for linking purposes.  The first post was more of my thoughts on the idea of the future of blogging. It was intended to be a normal blog post, but sometimes it sounded like notes, but it was intended to be thoughts towards the future <— all similarities are unintended. There were only links that started my ideas, more would be better, which brings me to part two of my digital artifact.

Part deux I actually enjoyed working on, mostly for the linking purposes. For some reason, I have figured out how to be smart with multi-media, even when sometimes it did not pertain to what the heck I was talking about. What I did not like about it was how hypothetical the topic was, I am definitely a concrete thinker, so it was a challenge, so I had some fun with it on the links. You could say those made it concrete.

Commenting this week actually happened, and I enjoyed it. I even found some posts interesting.

Leah had some of the same blogging ideas that I had, Matt brought up political blogs that I got a kick out of, and Jake F had a lot of the same ideas that I had, I guess you could say great minds think alike…. Even with looking at other blogs, I found to have the same ideas as they did so with those I found myself not having anything to say, which commenting became hard because if I feel I do not have anything constructive to say, what is the purpose of saying it.

And my blonde/a-ha (sorry to the blondes out there, I still have not figured out another way to say this) moment of the week goes to my discovery of how to quickly link my own posts. WOW, only took me 6 weeks to find this out. Better luck next year…

An awesome shout out for all y’all out there goes to DeFaunda and her pretty creative work this week for her artifact, I wish I had half of her ambition.

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To Blogging and Beyond

In moving my thoughts forward from HERE! HERE! PICK ME!, I had an epiphany today, in a strange place that doesn’t pertain to this situation, on ideas that might happen for the future of blogging. Something is going to change on the ideas or laws pertaining using social media to weed out or to find out about an applicant for a job, whether that be a hirer using facebook, twitter, tumblr, or even blog posts in general. Yes, the poster of their thoughts is sharing their brain functions and feelings to the world, but something, somewhere to somebody is going to get their pants in a bunch and demand a court case, like the one that happened at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. A student expressed his feelings, got his foot in his mouth, was then kicked out of school on terms that he was expelled. No reason was given, he is now suing. Colleges and universities will probably be putting rules in their conduct that will pertain to this.

I also think that blogging will develop and morph with the times. Blogging originally developed partially out of journals or diaries that people decided to put online for the world to see. They also started out of an online conversation that just blew up into blogging. People of the same interests, talking about things that interest them, similar to the concept of a book club.

So to lay it out:

Common Blogs= WordPress, Twitter, ReadIt, LiveJournal, Blogger, SquareSpace, Posterous

Diary/Journal + Technology= LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.


Coffee Shops, Book Clubs, Topics on an idea + Technology + Other people who care what you are talking about = WordPress, ReadIt, Imgur, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter

So what does this tell you?

WordPress, Twitter, ReadIt, LiveJournal, Blogger, SquareSpace, Posterous = Coffee Shops, Book Clubs, Topics on an idea +  Other people who care what you are talking about + Diary/Journal + 2(Technology) And what is our most common variable? Technology, and since technology isn’t going anywhere, blogging is only going to rise in ease of access to adapt with the 98% usage of technology in our daily life. Kind of like the shift that education has made with technology and their daily useAlso journalism and journalist will probably be the biggest bloggers soon, and soon papers will probably cease to exist due to, again, technology. Technology is taking over the world, run for your life, where  you are going to hide from technology is beyond my thinking ability, big brother is everywhere!

I also found that due to the typical short attention span of today’s generation, blogging has been shown to decline over the years in ‘them youngsters’. So, blogging will probably make a rebirth, and revamp (sorry, bad link joke…) itself for the daily goldfish.

So, using my strength, connectedness and conglomerating my thoughts on this topic, everything happens for a reason and everything is connected , I am just here for the view, but it is sometimes nice to look into my crystal ball and see fog; we can analyze every word to possibly learn something, but what if we look too deep? Sometimes a tree is just a tree. But in this case, we may never know, but we can guess, and that person that guesses right is freaking Professor Trelawney.

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